Like UBER’s new look?

UBER – the apps based transportation network – announced their new look and feel.

The much familiar ‘U’ has been replaced with colorful geometric icons that are different for drivers and riders.

UBER old logo

The new logo is a circle with a square in the middle set for riders. And the second icon is a hexagon with a square in middle which has been designed for its drivers. With time, the company aims to create patterns and colors unique to each market. Example: red in China, turquoise in India, dark teal in the United States.

Some of the fans weren’t impressed with the new look and took to social media to voice their views.

UBER new app iconsI think the older UBER logo had more punch. The ‘U’ came across as a more memorable icon for the firm which, despite being 400-city strong, still has a very long way to go. The new icons could be hard to spot among myriad of others on our devices.

Does Content Marketing work?


Someone asked me the question: ‘does content marketing work for any type of business?’

My answer: Yes, content marketing works in all scenarios where you are trying to market a product or service online. Let’s take example of a financial consultant. This consultant person has knowledge and expertise that they can use to create relevant content and build thought leadership. If the purpose is to generate a lot of legitimate traffic from interested people in the topics pertaining to finance and investments … then content marketing will work on their site.

Content Marketing works on any site, in any niche

Having a niche could mean less competition. So, the more niche your product or service is, the better chance you have of attracting just the right kind of traffic.

That is not to say it will be easy. Content marketing, like any other specialty profession takes hard work, a budget .. and PATIENCE.. but it works.

Check with me to get started on your content marketing strategy. You know you need it.

Confusing Branding

Don't settle for confusing branding

Brand stands for one, or two things. Rarely more than two.

It means your customers remember you for a certain kind of product or service. It also means every time they buy from you, they expect a certain experience. This expectation could be a result of a prior purchase from you or because someone told them that you are good.

In any of the cases, they recalled your name because of a certain positive associated memory. That is branding!

Do you have a brand? Is it memorable? What do customer think when they think about the product or service that you sell?

Contact me to get started with your brand. You know you want to.


Power of Content Marketing


If there is one thing that you could do to power your business online, what would that be?

Add content! That’s right! There is no other method.

Think about it: 50 years back, or even 25 years back, brands were built through investment in real estate, huge billboard advertising and of-course word-of-mouth. That isn’t so true anymore. In 21st century, nearly everything has gone digital. Whether it is shopping, education, banking, advertising or networking – web is everywhere. Future brands are being built online.

Push vs Pull Marketing

Digital changes have put customers in more direct control of the dialog between a brand and customers themselves. In the days before the Internet, the main channels for communication were TV, print and radio. The sedentary customer received the commercial messages, whether they wanted them or not and no interaction was possible.  That was PUSH.

The Web has changed this a potential customer now has the choice whether to deal with commercial messaging or not. They could simply go to a different Web page or choose not to consume the content at all. The brands now make themselves available and hope to engage the potential customer. That’s PULL.

Go where your prospects are

As the understanding of content marketing is growing, so are the number and types of channels available on the Web. You can publish content on your own site, develop relationships to publish content on third-party sites, or leverage social media platforms. There are plenty of options.

With so many social media and publishing options, so many different sites where brands can publish content specific to their products, it is even more important to choose a few to focus on. Those that offer the most value.


Different parts of your organization can be involved in content marketing. Different departments will have unique client perspectives and can make contributions specific to their area of work. It is integral to the expansion of your company’s reputation and visibility.

It will be important to ensure that your outreach efforts to promote your content don’t end up conflicting with outreach efforts or relationships that they routinely manage.


When content marketing campaign works, it nets you lots of good links. However, when you make links the main focus of your efforts, it can lead you astray. By also focusing on overall reputation and visibility, the quality of his will go up.

Content marketing campaign is a major driver of increases in rankings and organic search traffic.  The goal is to design content to help bring new prospects into the top of a sales funnel.


Set your initial positioning goal

Positioning using Content Marketing

Software and technology companies can have a particularly hard time establishing solid positioning because the offered benefits may resemble that of a competitor.

The ideal goal of positioning process is –> to help your target buyers associate a benefit with your solution, product or company. With effort and time, you can claim a position by consistently reminding that benefit to the target audience.

Central idea

Your positioning statement becomes the central idea or theme for all your marketing activities. A positioning statement is a short, declarative sentence that states just one benefit, and addresses your target market’s No. 1 problem.

This short message serves as a recipe for your entire software product’s marketing communication.

Repetition and commitment

Positioning delivers the same message across all marketing media – including web sites, brochures, advertisements and presentations – to investors, industry analysts and prospects. Repetition is one of the most important factors in claiming a position and giving it staying power. Remember, you’ll get tired of your message strategy long before your target audience is tired of it – and sometimes even before all your audiences have heard your positioning for the first time. Be patient and give it a chance to work.